Registration for classes can be made online at TrainCreative.org. Although it is encouraged to utilize our website for all registration, those without access to a computer/internet who need assistance enrolling for a class can call our main line at (973) 940-3330 for support.


Train Creative uses email as the primary mode of communication for everything from confirmations to cancellations. Please provide us with an email address that you check regularly.


All fees must be paid at the time of registration; space cannot be held until full payment is received. Hourly reservation pricing may vary based on factors such as location, date, and time of day.

It is our hope that every student and instructor who walks through our doors comes to know Train Creative as a place where they can be consistently inspired and free to explore their creative side – which is why a cancellation policy for both instructors and students is exercised.

For Students:

Class fees are fully refunded if a student withdraws from a class 30 days or more before the class start date. If a student withdraws between 30 and 15 days from the class start date, 50% of the enrollment fee will be refunded within 2-3 business days. Class fees are nonrefundable when a student withdraws within 14 days or less before the class start date.

For Instructors:

An instructor that cancels an empty (no students have enrolled) class 30 days or more from the start date of the scheduled class will receive a full refund of the rental fee within 2-3 days. When students have enrolled in an instructor’s class and the instructor wishes to cancel 30 days or more from the class date, the instructor will receive 50% of the rental fee back within 2-3 days. The enrolled students will receive a full refund. Any instructor that cancels a class less than 30 days from the date of the scheduled class is not eligible for a rental refund. The enrolled students will still receive a full refund.

In addition, we at Train Creative monitor the number of classes that an instructor cancels and reserve the right to suspend any instructor who has repeatedly canceled classes, as we view it as a violation of our mission statement and ultimately a disservice to the community.


Materials may or may not be included for classes. It is at the instructor’s discretion to provide materials and include the cost of these items into the enrollment fee. Please be sure to read the class description carefully upon enrolling as this will indicate whether or not materials are included or if the student needs to purchase them prior to the class.


Train Creative does not offer make-up classes for students who have missed a class or who have joined a class late. If Train Creative has to cancel a class (due to inclement weather, an instructor’s illness, etc.), we will refund student enrollment fees in the same manner paid within 2-3 days.


Students will be notified via email if a class is canceled due to inclement weather. Train Creative tries to make the decision to cancel classes as early as possible, but please bear in mind that classes may be canceled up until the early morning for morning classes or mid-day for night classes if it is unclear if weather will be an issue. A cancellation notice will be posted on our home page and Facebook Page as soon as possible as well as a voice message on our main line at (973) 940-3330. In the event that Traincreative cancels class, full refunds will be provided to instructor and students.