Surviving without Electricity

Surviving without Electricity

Surviving without Electricity

Date & Time:

    Tuesday, November 8th, 2016, 10:30 am - 12:00 pm

Category: Education

Skill Level: Beginner

Age Range: All

Location: Train Station

Cost: $12.00 per Student

This class has ended.

Class Description

What will the student learn in this class?

How to be prepared to: Find and provide food, heat, pure water, light, refrigeration and more. Build a strong community of people to help each other. Store essentials and not get caught by surprise. Protect yourself against looters. Practice good hygiene.

Instructor will provide the following supplies:

This will be a PowerPoint presentation complete with many pictures, website links, suggested reading, and many detailed do's and don'ts of self-preservation. Follow-up notes will be emailed to participants upon request.

Students must bring the following supplies:

Notebook, pen

Full Description:

Learn to be comfortable and self-sustaining, both long and short-term, when electricity goes down. Sussex County often has brief power outages, but our entire national power grid is vulnerable and a national outage could last over a year. Be prepared!

About  Linda Grinthal

Linda Grinthal

Trained professional speaker, past VP Mktg for NBBI, currently Director of Sunset Vista Community Garden, speak and teach Italian and Spanish. Conduct library presentations on gardening and surviving without electricity. Teach beginner basic ballroom dance which is a passion!